Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wowzer Weekend

What a great weekend it was!

Celebrating birthdays.

Spending time with sisters.

Teaching a yoga class.

Seeing good, longtime friends.

Celebrating with Scouts.

Enjoying the Sunshine.

Taking a cozy nap.

Seeing my girl through a dental visit.

My mom and lil' sis Whitney... Whitters... Wa-hiney.

Mom is a hard working (single) mother to us six kids.

Whitney is a sassy, fun loving auntie with a great husband that takes her on super cool adventures.

Mmmmm love you twos!

Here is Ashley and Luke dancing at Richard B-day celebration.

This is muh big sis Rachel and her family.

More dancing fun!

I tried to get in as much time with my sisters as I could.

Rachel and Whitney came from out of town and I already miss them.

Bradey, my little tiger cub got his badge at the 100 year scout celebration.

Sis and I are sooo proud of him.

Once again, keeping Luke under control at the scout's party was near impossible.

His dinner roll had been on more adventures in it's half hour with him than I've been on in my whole life.

(That doesn't say much for me... but seriously!!!)

Sis had to have three teeth extracted. Thankfully Frank's uncle... Frank, was willing to do the job.

(My Frank named after his dad's twin brother, Frank.)

As you can see, the laughing gas made her extra happy.

She wanted Daddy and Aunt Ashley there with her.

She did great!

I was a dental assistant for 10 years, so to cut the cost, I assisted. It was like old times because Frank and I worked together my first two years and then Jim (my father-in-law), and I worked together for 8 years.

Yoga class was refreshing and oh how I enjoy the ladies in my friday class.

Baby Hudsen was born today. Congratulations to Matt and Jenae!

I took a half hour nap today. It was much needed and I don't remember the last time I napped.

I spent this evening at a friend's baptism.

It was great to see so many people I love and have shared my life with.

Lots of hugging.

Lots of tears.

Lots of healing.

A childhood babysitter was there. That was fun. She also, is a yoga instructor. Yay!

I am so grateful for the relationships in my life.

So many good people that have been there, are there... and will be there.

I know there will be more to come and the building will continue.

One day...

One moment...

One sweet soul...

at a time.

Thank you.

Have a great Monday!


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Ty and Juju Brown said...

What a weekend! Looks like so much fun! Carli is so brave! xoxo