Friday, February 5, 2010

They Named Him "Miner"

Today Ashley and I went shopping... with "The Boys".
Cousins and best buddies.
I enjoyed listening to their quiet conversation in the back seat as we traveled 15 minutes to get some decorations for my lil' studio.
It sounded something like this...
Luke: "I've got a little car seat, and you have a big car seat!"
Ben: "Yeah! I have big car seat!"
Luke: "Look! We're stopping now!"
Ben: "Yeah, stopping!"
Luke: "Yay! We are going forward now!!!"
Ben: "Yeah, goin foward!"
Giggles and discussion kept them busy till we got there.
At the store, they found a new friend... The owner.
Ben decided to call him "Miner".

Here they are showing off their cool toys they brought from home. A good 45 minute discussion.

Both tuckered by the time we were done... and I can't figure out how only one of them fell asleep on the drive home.

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