Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Day in a Nutshell

Yawning, Stretching, Brushing, Rushing

Loading, Blending, Washing, Bosching

Driving, Pushing, Cropping, Shopping

Folding, Hanging, Lifting, Sifting

Sipping, Cutting, Walking, Talking

Eating, Pulling, Ripping, Dipping

Tying, Jogging, Teaching, Reaching

Smooching, Spraying, Holding, Molding

Watching, Waiting, Framing, Naming

Thinking, Praying, Dreaming, Believing,


Thanks to God for all that I can be and do~



Dirk said...

You are a poet Cocolaroco! Sounds like a fun day. :) I'm excited to see your new blog! It's invigorating!

... said...

PS - Maria left that comment under Dirk. Besos!