Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's shopping without...

Frank took Luke and I out today to look for a bookshelf.
We went to some second-hand stores and enjoyed looking at all the unique things.
As much as I enjoyed being out and looking around though, it was the people I saw that brought the smile to my face. Unfortunately I'm not brave enough yet to just walk up to a stranger and ask to take their picture. Otherwise it's those unique folks I would be posting pics of today,

The lady with the silver rings on every finger. She looked like a little "hip" grandma. She was very nice and I could tell that if we had time, she would visit with me all day.
The indian fellow who had a beautiful single braid hanging all the way down his back. He gave me a big smile when I came around the corner and we said, "Hello". I would have loved to hear "his story".
The lady who asked me if I worked at the store (even though I was wearing my coat and purse). She was wondering what the the day's specials were. Her voice was deep and raspy. She wasn't so excited to learn that the sale was only on the little things... she wanted clothes.
I'd imagine that she has dreams and ideas. I'd love to ask her.

The young, pretty german mom who asked if my hair color was real. Her hair used to be red... till it went brown. She had a very beautiful german accent.
After chatting about the red gene, we wished each other a good day and went our own ways.
I would have liked to ask her to come to a yoga class, just to get to know her a bit more, but I didn't think of it soon enough.

The couple from two different nationalities
and generations.
They slowly walked along, her after him. I'm sure they could give me a new outlook on some things.
She seemed warm and friendly. He was focused.
Together they made this unique energy.
And I wondered... "What would they say?"

Some folks I know could teach me lots.
Some have had experiences that I love to hear about, AND imagine what it must have been like.
Others carry an energy that I crave.
Even those that come across a bit prickly, I know there is something... something special about them... something uniquely different then anybody else here on earth.
(Sigh)... "I love people!"