Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was a Happy Birthday for Ashley

It's been a busy fun place around here, so the blogging was set aside...
till now.

Ashley's birthday was on saturday. She's caught up with her 30's so we made it a big one.

We started with a surprise breakfast with all sisters except one, and both moms.
We were so good at planning it, she was shocked... no idea it was coming.

(I think Lana was explaining that dad went to our nephew's game and couldn't be there.)
I'd show you all the pics from breakfast but my sisboys would probably beat me up.
We were eating.

After breakfast we got in the car and took Ashley for a drive in which she replayed the you tube video of "David after the Dentist" that was replayed by "Chad Vader".
So here is a picture of "Ashley Vader after the dentist".
Our drive landed us at the mall to get Ashley's ears pierced.
She had been wanting it done and thought it would be fun to do with a sister.
We thought, "How about 3 sisters and a mom?!"

And for the best part...
We went retro and planned a bash at the skating rink that Ashley used to go to as a kid.
Here she is with Dad getting their skate on.
Blowing out the candles.
Hoot Hoot!
I'd say she loved it.
(Baby sis & hubby)
I think she is doing the robot.
The song "Simply Irresistible" was played for her.
After skating we headed back to my house for a big sandwich feast, music, dancing and laughing.

Me lovers you Asha-Brenner!
Happy 30th lil sis!!!

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... said...

What a fun day for Ashley and for all of you sisters!! Well planned party, I'd say! Happy 30th Birthday Ashley and welcome to the over 30 club!!

Kisses and hugs!