Friday, May 21, 2010

That lasting love

Went to the gym yesterday morning with Frank.

While we were there I had a heart melting moment.

An 80(ish) year old couple came walking in.

Holding hands, the wife was helping her husband to a weight machine.

He could barely walk.

They were dressed in clothes that could be worn to a country club for lunch.

She was in a bright flowered top with baby blue pants, pretty makeup and her hair fixed nice for the day.

He had a spotless white sweater on and a classy gray hat you'd never expect to see in a gym, sporty dark pants and brand new looking tennis shoes.

His wife helped him sit at a bicep curl machine, put it to the lowest weight and then went on to her own workout close by.

He lifted the little weight with his frail hands over and over. Every so often he would pause for a moment and just sit there looking at his wife, then he would continue lifting till she came back to help him off.

Before he got up, he flexed his biceps one at a time and told her to check them out.

She ooohed and awwed, sqeezing his arms and running her fingers down his back muscles telling him how strong he is. They both giggled for a moment and then just sighed...

a sigh of happiness. (From what it looked like.)

I couldn't help but get a little teary watching the two of them.

What a picture of how it should be that far into life.

Have a great weekend.

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