Monday, May 3, 2010

Bloomsday fun

I talked my husband into running Bloomsday race this year with me.
Yesterday we packed up and headed to Spokane, WA for some race fun.
A 7.46 mile run to help bring an awareness of fitness to the community.
40 to 50 thousand people packed the streets yesterday and the winner was a Kenyan who finished in just over 34 minutes.

Waiting for the race to start with a strong energy in the air.
In some ways, it's almost more like a celebration.
They've done such a good job at organizing everything which made for a smooth morning.
We made it to the start where a helicopter captures images for the news every year.

As the race gets started...
off go the sweatshirts for the volunteers to collect for charity.

We set our pace and have to work hard not to run over.. or get run over by anyone.
This is about 3 miles in where Franks says his calves are done and it's time to walk.
Red face, breathing hard and Frank goes to grab a stick of licorice people are handing out on the side of the road.

Walking across a bridge here you can barely see what they call "Doomsday hill".
It's packed with thousands of people making their way to the top.
When we get get to the top we turn around to see thousands more people crossing the bridge we were just on.
All the spectators were having fun with the live bands, signs and costumes.
There were some fun ones that I couldn't help but take a quick shot.
Lots of churches showing us the way.

And we cross the finish line just under two hours later.
Frank had been wishing all along the way that he trained harder, but no matter how fast or slow we did it, I loved every bit of it.
(Two teletubbies over my right shoulder, your left.)

Next year, we will try it with the whole family.
For Bloomsday information: click here.
Happy Monday!


... said...

How fun!! I'm glad you guys got to participate in that! Maybe next year Dirk and I can come join in the fun!!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

Good for you guys! How wonderful! Love the butt costume.