Friday, September 10, 2010

Bear Boy Bday ~ Labor day trip

My boy is 8 years today and what a treasure I've found in him.
He's like a bear...
quiet, strong, warm and has large paws that I love to hold.
His qualities are a wonderful combination and I can't wait to see where he takes his talents.
Mommy loves you Bradey Boy!!!

We took a trip North to Canada this past weekend and as usual it was incredible, inspiring, releasing, full of God's beauty and freshness! Woo!
This pic was just a little pondish spot that was along the way.
I always love seeing the little lakes and ponds surrounded by the green trees and capped with the blue skies. We came across some fly fishermen at another little spot and oh how we wished we had our fishing boat and fly poles with us.

We decided to take the kids on a route that we took when we were first married. They got to experience a ferry for the first time and loved it.
It was a new concept for them to see the cars drive onto the boat.
It was a gorgeous day and so perfect for this leg of the trip.
The mountains here aren't as high and rocky as our final destination, but still beautiful as can be. In the moments where there is nothing more to do than to just breathe, I don't think there is anything more therapeutic or restorative to the soul.
We could have gone to several other destinations, but none would have allowed for total release, which in turn invited total inspiration to put towards our family's future.
It was just what we needed at this time.
My 4 year old was seriously trying to figure out how we were going to ride a "fairy" across the lake. Luckily he has his two older siblings to explain.
A little later into autumn and we would have been experiencing the breathtaking autumn colors throughout the mountains. Aaaah, that will be a dream for next year.
The first night we stayed at some hot springs that we went to when we were first married. It was a flashback and we were glad to see that they have improved everything. The kids had a great time as they always do swimming and seeing new places.
We journeyed up the valley to show them the salmon run and forgot that there was more than the salmon to look at.
Red Salmon pushing their way upstream... no different than you and I as we strive to reach our peak potential, true identity and all the smaller goals in between. Their will to survive and persevere to the place they belong is incredible... and inspiring.

As I took this picture, Luke says, "Look mom! This is where I do yoga! And I do yoga alone! And this is how I do yoga!" He has a warrior thing going on with each foot planted on a rock. "Atta Boy!"
Family pics are rare, but we managed ONE!
At the salmon run there are campgrounds and a playground. It's very well taken care of and quite the setting.
Either Frank is stepping in to attack... or Luke is checking daddy's tonsils.

The beach area next to the campsite is fantastic! We don't remember seeing this particular beach last time we came to the area, but we were sure glad we stopped this time cause it quickly became a favorite... we will be back to enjoy it sometime.
Carli loves these trips to Canada. She feels it's her idea of home.
I requested one picture with each of my lovies and it was granted. I want to enjoy these pictures with my children as they get older. Keep the beauty of this world fresh in our minds.
"Please Bradey Bear, can mommy get a picture with you?"
Nice one Frank! All three kids in one shot. An attempted piggy back ride gone... no where.
Luke was loving the sand under his feet.

A nuzzle with my honey.
Up at our hot spring destination, we set up camp and for the rest of the weekend made memories to carry us over till next trip up.
While there we met a Guatemalan family complete with a grandma. They were so sweet and happy that their smiles felt contagious.
A European couple set up tent close and told of their hot spring adventures and gave us some great tips.
An Asian family who wasn't able to get their camp stove started came to us for help. Amazingly Frank had exactly what they needed and it was still in the package that he bought it in. He said he accidentally bought two and gave them the extra. You just never know what little things will fall perfectly into place just at the right time. It was fun to watch.
While at the pool Frank got under the cold shower to cool down and a gentleman in his 70's decided to do the same. He was very strong looking and had a golden tan darker than anyone there. He looked like he could have been a blond, blue eyed beach boy in his younger years. Then he came into the pool and sat down right next to me and proceeded to teach Luke how to kick his legs in the water. Literally grabbing Luke's ankles and in a very thick german accent talked to him about kicking like a froggy. After that he spoke with me for the next while about his history in fitness and how he started teaching fitness to the high schoolers at a young age over in Germany. I could have picked his brain for hours. The stories went on and my imagination followed. This is typically how it goes when we travel the north. Folks from all walks of life with something to say.

Luke and I in the tent... he was making squirrely sounds in my ear right before falling asleep for nap time.

Frank took the big kids hiking so when we got up from our nap, we found a caterpillar waiting for us on the picnic bench. The big kids found it and were taking care of it.
Luke took a while to study it and had a thousand questions about it.


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Happy Birthday Bradey!!! 8 years old already??!! Wowza's!

Your trip to Canada looks beautiful!!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

Happy Birthday Bradey and Coco! Love you all so much!!