Monday, March 8, 2010


This post is for all those who have suffered trauma of one sort or another,
and are in recovery.
Physical Trauma
Emotional Trauma
Spiritual Trauma

I want to wish you a speedy recovery.
Take the time to heal.
Allow the process to happen naturally.

Remember, no matter how much you feel alone...
You're not alone.
Even though you are unique,
there are others that relate to your emotions.
Others who are suffering pain with you.

I hope that through the darkness,
you can again shine.
Because remember that you already are a light to others.
Whether you know it or not, your strength to survive is being seen.
You are giving others hope in the power of the human spirit.
Hope in the power of our creator.

And as you bring your light further out of the darkness,
I hope that you will see the brilliance of the colors around you.
Colors of the world.
Colors of all the unique individuals you cross paths with.
Colors of love flowing from you...
and to you.

I hope that through your recovery,
your life can bloom
into something new.
Something beautiful.
Better than you ever expected.

Not only so that one day you can be happy again.
But also, so those around you can be washed over with your joy,
and be lifted.

I wish you a renewed strength.
Stronger because of what you have been through,
and stronger because of where you are going.

I wish for you the guidance and protection that will help you feel
secure again.
Someone to hold your hand.
To support you... hold you up in your recovery.

I hope for you to find that break from the pain.
A sweet serenity away from all the hurt.

And I hope for you...
a day when you can once again
move through life,
carving your path of your own unique beauty and light,
for the world to see.



... said...

Amen to this wonderful post and thanks for sharing it! I love reading your updates and thoughts Courtney!

It seems to me that all you have experienced and gone through has definitely made you a strong woman and a leader in many ways. I'm glad I can learn from you. :)

Love you lots!

Ty and Juju Brown said...

Beautiful! You are wonderful my sweet Coco! xoxo