Thursday, March 4, 2010

In the midst of a storm

Today's practice;
a focus on a personal meditation.
Due to my thoughts and emotions,
I'm doing a slow and flowing practice.
One to allow me to reach further down and gently,
pull myself up through the rubble.
A sun salutation for starters.
Inhaling and Exhaling softly through the routine.
My thoughts are on others that are experiencing stormy weather.
In the midst of my storm brings a sensitivity to those suffering.
A sitting side bend brings an emotional lift... tears.
Tears for what people suffer at the hand of others.
Tears for those that feel face down in the mud...
only to continue to be dragged through it by another's
lack of love.
I am learning.
At times, I have been the one dragging another.
No more.
My spinal twist creates relief.
Relief that I don't have to participate, and better yet...
I can be the one who lifts another out of the mud,
clean them off,
dry their tears,
give them hope.
But not that I would know how.
God does the healing.
I am merely the hands.
Slowly moving through cat & cow pose.
My breathing goes deeper as I feel strength.
Strength in my understanding.
Strength in my ability.
Strength in my maturity...
to control myself when wrongdoing comes my way.
I've learned to not say ill of people, even when upset.
I've learned to speak up about what's true and not let another's petty jealousy or gossip derail someone.
This meditation is showing me to increase my efforts and improve where I have failed.
Savasana... releasing it all.
A place to be with nothing but the breath.
Where it all comes together.
A building of understanding, compassion and self awareness unite.


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