Friday, March 12, 2010

Yay Today!

Today has already been a beautiful day.
Got the kids off to school and very happily went to work with my ladies.
The first class was more focused on breath.
Each pose they were given extra instruction so they could take it deeper. They had mentioned last week that the stretching was their favorite part of the yoga. The quiet getaway and the mental focus were nice, but the way their bodies felt with the stretches was the best part. So I went with it and showed them how to increase each pose.
They held up in tree pose for the longest we've seen yet. Susan made us giggle when she said, "I was beginning to think I was becoming a tree!". One of the other ladies said, "Yeah, I held it for a good long wobbly time." We reassured her that it still counts for something.

The second class today was a slower, more restorative class for a lady with MS.
I met her for the first time today.
She was beautiful and witty.
She was surprised to hear that there are studios that are solely working to help those with MS.
We discussed the benefits of yoga specifically for her condition and then went on to the asanas.
Breath work: A few very deep breaths then finding the rhythm.
Neck rolls: Inhaling ear to shoulder ~ Exhaling chin to chest.
Shoulder rolls: Inhaling up ~ Exhaling down. Forward for a bit, then backwards.
Seated side bends: Inhaling over the head ~ Exhaling on the side bend.
Seated Cat/Cow: Inhaling cat ~ Exhaling cow.
Seated twist: Exhaling into the twist ~ Inhaling on a slight release.
Seated forward fold: Middle, left leg then right leg.
Cow face pose: With a strap.

Through the Hole: This was more challenging for her, but she did great.
Lying twist: Slowing down her breath.
Savasana: Releasing it all and feeling the new vibe.

I could feel the tenacity in this woman.
She has some strength and will power that'll get her where she's going if she keeps at it.
I'm exited to see her reinvent herself after all that she has been through.

A quick mention about wednesdays class.
It was amazing on my end.
It was one of those times that I felt like I could really let all my spirit and creativity flow.
It was very releasing for me and reminded me of my love for teaching yoga.
It was one of those classes where, by the end, my energy was so high and light.
I just want to thank my student that day who allowed me to speak and instruct completely from the heart.
"Thank you Lynn!"

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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