Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Dad

My dad and step-mom, Lana, came and stayed with us.
We had a good time.
I got to watch dad give a lecture for the first time.
He's good... and funny.
We had some time to visit and I feel we could go on forever with all the life subjects.
They are both good at teaching me what they know.
They both work to heal others.
Between the two they share 12 children.
They are so lucky to always have kids around...
and now grandkids to boot.
I'm glad I have them in my life.
(If I had more time, I could tell you lots more about them, but my honey is waiting for me to come have dinner with him. There will be more down the road.)

Love you Dad and Mimi!
Thanks for the fun past two days!

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