Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Powwow, Planes & Volleyball

The Highlights of my weekend.

Julyamsh PowWow
Ashley and I decided to take a girls night out and go to watch the Powwow, a familiar childhood event that comes to town once a year. Indian tribes from surrounding states come together to share in the beauty of the indian history with dancing, drumming, praying and even competing.
Our grandparents had a deep love for the indians and our parents took us as often as possible.
It was clear that our exposure to that love created a deeply rooted respect far more than I had known, and watching this as an adult only increased my love for the indian people, culture and spirituality.
The opening ceremonial prayer was breathtaking. Listening to them speak of the early indians that lived their life in peace and harmony made me wish there had been a better way for them to continue developing without interference. I've thought about it often... maybe someday that life will be returned to them.
Men, women and children from different tribes filled the arena with spectacular colors and equally spectacular movement to the drums. Their faces are so beautiful and in their traditional ceremonial dresses... there was great soul.
The drums and singing covered Ashley and I in chills. It was more emotional than either of us expected. We both look forward to sharing these future events with our children and passing on the love and respect for an amazing nation.
P.S. Ashley, don't forget your day of heritage... Pioneer day! Equally amazing, spiritual and full of memories of our ancestors that both lived beauty and hardships and gave us the life we live today. Love you sis!

Frank and I took the boys to see the THUNDERBIRDS.
(Big Sis was out of town.)
We experienced watching all kinds of planes that have been created throughout history to serve our nation in various ways.
The boys sat in cockpits and drooled over the bigger planes and jets.
I think Frank was in heaven. He drew planes often as a child. I was happy that he took us.
The stunts were incredible and wow... those pilots have got to be brave!

Qdoba Volleyball Tournament
Beach volleyball at... almost it's best.
Qdoba is attempting to create a yearly volleyball tournament in hopes that it will go real big.
I hope so too.
Two days of five sand courts full of players working their way to the top.
Day one is four player. Day two is two player.
People in the community put together their own teams and sign up for fun in the sun.
Frank was called on to give sport massages to anyone in need. 1$ a minute.
The boys played hard and helped keep the sand cool with a hose.
Lukester got tired, then cranky, then finally found a comfortable place to snooze.
Sunscreen anyone?
The teams that made it to the top were fun to watch.
A live band playing some good oldies made the experience all the better.
The Eagles ~ Steely Dan ~ Queen ~ Steve Miller Band ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd (to name a few)
What more does a girl need?

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Ty and Juju Brown said...

So much fun!! I love the pic of your boys in the plane. I bet they'll never forget that.