Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ironman/4th of july/Carter reunion

Some random picts of the past few weeks.

Ironman Cd'A


Whitney and James came to town to celebrate mom's birthday (Happy BDay Mom!) and James, an ironman himself, was more than happy to go watch the event.
(Elmo was out of order) Watching the final runners finish was inspiring.
Ashley, Whitney, James and Carli had front row seats to cheer participants on.

Fourth of July weekend was spent studying.
The kids loved it because they got to pick a couple movies out and have some fun eats.
This was us headed out to grab the grub.

Finally at 9:00pm, Frank and I broke from our study and took the kids out for some fireworks.
This was Luke's first time he wasn't afraid to hold the sparkler and as you can tell...
he was excited.
(A neighbor guy told me that he heard from someone that... Bradey really belongs to my sister, and I just take care of him. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Who's he been talking to???)

We had a big reunion for my mother-in-law's family.
It was fun to meet everyone and get to know them better.
They all traveled to our home town and got to see the area.
Frank made a big mexican dinner on the last night and no surprise to me...
they loved it.

This is my nephew Gus. He has red hair too and has learned to say "coco" recently.

Daddy and Luke playing. I had to zoom in on this pic to see what they were doing.
Turns out they were having a country game of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".
Go figure.

The weather was beautiful and the countryside was breathtaking.

Until next time...

Happy Summer to you!

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