Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fun with Matt

Having a good time with Matt's family here.

I can't seem to get these pics to move around so they are in a funny order.
I lightened Heather's hair. It's red now.
Today is her birthday.
This pic was taken close to 1:00 in the morning. We are sooo tired.
Matt decides to try Heather's new flat iron.
The result.

Ashley gave Heather a new hair cut. It's so cute.

Matt working very hard to not make a funny face. He did it!!!
Benny and Luke attacking uncle Matt. Once the wrestling starts, the ice has been broken and all hell can break loose.
I tried to get these teeth out while he was sleeping, but he wasn't deep enough to not feel it. They are hanging literally.
Moko being cute.
Sis loving having Kenz and Bailey here.
Yesterday a bug came to town and put me and Luke in bed for the day.
Matt took all the kids sight seeing and they had fun. I am sad that I couldn't go.
Luckily the bug only lasted one day.
Today we are going to play.

Have a great one!

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