Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taking a break

Messing around with my blog.
So many things I want to write about.

Yesterday was a quiet day.
Today, I'm choosing for it to be quiet also.
Do you ever get to the point where you just know you need a break?
I don't mean a half hour nap.
I mean a good four or five days to step away and breathe.
Just... Breathe.
I'm deliberately taking a little time off, which isn't easy for me,
but hopefully I'll feel better after today.

I got a call last night for an invite to a yoga class.
A teacher I haven't met.
My yoga girls want me to go.
I think I will.

Had a super good visit with my sis Whitney yesterday.
She loves me.
She was making sure I know that I can talk to her about my spiritual life... and trust her with it.
I love that.
I love her.

I have lots to sort out due to an abusive mentor. (Abusive emotionally & spiritually.)
Fifteen years with him... the past year free of him.
My family is so loving through this time of healing and rebuilding.
I never would have thought I'd be here now holding the hands of my parents and siblings.
He made me believe they didn't care.
I'm so glad the truth came out.

Welcome March!

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... said...

I must be emotional today b/c your post is getting me a little teary. I hope you have a good rest for a few days...

Love you lots Courtney!