Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Mister

Last Saturday I was doing a sewing project.
It reminded me of why I don't sew anymore.
Not enough patience.
My Mister walked in and asked how it was going.

"Good, except it would go a lot faster if I had my thimble."
My guess was that my "Sassy Angel" had it.

She has been sewing for a while and likes to use my things.
Sometimes, they never return.
My Mister walked out and went on with his business.
I kept working.

20 minutes later, he walks in and hands me... a thimble.
With it was the rest of a travel sewing kit.
He had gone to the store to get me what I needed.
He gave me a big kiss and thanked me for working on this project.

I was happy to do it, and he was happy to help me have what I needed.
It's times like this that he melts my heart all over again.

I now have a nice little travel sewing kit, but notice...
the thimble is missing again.
Sassy Pants!!!


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