Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the Road Again

Matt & his family were a joy to have over.
We had some fun, some great conversations and lots of down time.
The last two days were extra fun with Ashley, Ben, Rich and mom over also.
The sunshine kept us warm outside where the kids played and made beautiful little bird nests.

The teensiest of Matt's kids.
Matt's five beauties. (Sam is trying to hide from me.)

Goodbye hug for Kenzie.

The traveling duo that has kept this fam safe on the road.
Ashley got some fun shots of my horse shoe statues. Here's one.
Love you little Sammie!
Kenz getting a whooping from Uncle Bear.
Heading out with "On the Road Again" playing and all the kids singing.

Love you Matt!!!


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... said...

So much fun!! What an adventure for Matt & Heather and their family! Glad you all got to spend so much time together! :)