Friday, March 5, 2010

A good week... end.

The sunshine made me happy today.
(A fuzzed out kitchen mess in the background. Taw Haw!)

The warmer weather is bringing folks outdoors.
There's an excited frenzy in the air.

Last night's yoga class was fun, challenging and relaxing.
It was nice to follow instead of lead.
The best part was seeing my friends from school.

Today's class turned out better than expected.
It could be, that I prayed.
I felt unprepared and didn't know if I could get through the hour.
This hasn't happened before.
It was a morning where my mind didn't want to focus.
I've always known I have divine backup in those moments.
It works every time.
The ladies looked beautiful in Dancer pose.
I wish I had gotten a picture.
I led them into full Wheel pose. (Backbend)
They seemed to really enjoy it.
Spotting Susan through it, she was doing something she didn't know she could do.
I wondered why I had never done this with her before.
We will practice it regularly now.

My honey's daily check-in came in a text today.
"Hi from the clinic! Howz it going over in your town?
Getting any rest after the restless night? Love you."
My night wasn't restless. Luke's was.
Trying to settle him kept me up all but two hours.
(Ahhh! That explains my state of mind before class this morning. Pfft!)
Frank called soon after and told me to try to get a nap in.
Not possible, but thanks for looking out for me honey!

I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for reading!

P.s. I miss you Asha Brenner!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. The sun makes me VERY happy and keeps me outdoors too!!