Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anniversary/Earth Day

This past weekend, Frank and I celebrated our 15th anniversary.

Some little facts about us:
~ We met through friends when I was 16 years old. Frank lived in another state so I didn't see him again for a couple years later.
~We had a moment of sparks while playing a board game across the table at a party. I thought to myself, "I'd could marry a man like him."

~When the time came... we eloped. A little colonial home... a country dress... no rings and the only other person there, was the man who married us wearing a blue ruffle shirt with butterfly collar, bell bottoms and Elvis sideburns.

~Honeymooned in the beautiful Canadian mountains.
~Two years later, we started our family.
~15 years & three kids later, we are happier than we ever have been.

Happy Anniversary to my honey!

The Diatomaceous Earth came in.
It's a very soft powder. Great cleanser.
I mix it with juice (this had some prune in it).
And down the hatch! Not bad at all. Watching for the benefits... I'll let you know.

Three musketeers had a fun weekend... they spent lots of time playing with each other while mommy went to a bday party and on a date with daddy.

Only one mishap... A finger slammed in the door. Like usual, the band aid made it feel better.

I took the kids for a community service for earth day. We chose three areas to clean up garbage and we really enjoyed the difference we made.
This one in an alley where lots of garbage blows through.

This place was a mess when we started. The kids did great helping me clean it up.
Big sister helped the boys understand why we need to pitch in to create a cleaner earth.
Third stretch of earth.
Carli didn't want to stop. She saw how important it is and so we kept going.
We will be doing this at least once a month. Carli is in charge of when and where we will work.

Anniversary dental checkup. (No cavities for either of us!)
The 6month - 1year checkup is very important to both of us. We have seen how much money and pain it can save.

Sis is learning to roller blade.
Some days I think this would be fun.
The spring...
... and sunshine, never felt better!




... said...

Whoa...15 years... that is awesome!! Happy Anniversary! Cheer's to another 15 years (and beyond)!

PS - what's that clay stuff supposed to do? I think I want some...

... said...

Oops... I guess it's earth stuff and not clay stuff. ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary ♥ You have a beautiful family, Love the pictures.Bless you all.