Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This mommy and daddy are tired today.
Even though we went to bed early, we woke up feeling like we needed a few more hours of rest.
We have been working hard (especially my honey) and working out hard.
I decided to take the day off the weights and running and just have a nice relaxing yoga class.
Oooh it felt so good.
It was a free stretch day. Do what makes your body feel best.
I found that the side bends were hitting the spot so I got in lots of those.
The discussion once again was nice and quiet... hitting on lots of important points.
We talked some about friendship. You know...
the deep, long suffering, never ending, super bonds that hold you up through thick and thin. The ones that are always there no matter how far apart or how long apart you may be.
The friendships that always feel like you are going in the same direction even if your life is completely different.
The friendships that no matter how much life tries to tear you apart...
you always end up back together and stronger, tighter, happier than ever.
I'm grateful for those individual bricks that produce such a friendship.
Bricks of love, support, understanding, cherishing and gratitude.
Every moment is opportunity to carefully lay a brick, only in the end to find you have a strong structure with solid walls and a sturdy foundation.
The more work into it, the stronger it is.
The winds can blow, the rain can pour and the lightning can strike,
but in these walls of friendship, we are untouched.
Knowing where we stand and who we stand with.
So hats off to not only those amazing friendships,
but hats off to those who take the time and effort to properly build them.
Hats off to you!!!


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Ty and Juju Brown said...

You are so good at expressing feelings through words. You are a wonderful friend and cousin.