Thursday, April 1, 2010

Favorites From Yesterday

The weather is freezing and there's no snow to play in.
Bradey's tooth fairy money was burning a hole in his pocket.
So we decided to go out... and stay in.
Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Two sweet girls playing chess. I couldn't help but capture it.
It was a brilliant scene with all the cool game boxes in the background.
They happily allowed me to take a pic and smiled when I told them, "I like your look."
I could see that they have fun putting together their low-key feminine gothic image,
and I also enjoyed the fact that they look so different & cute hanging out together.
The one with jet black hair and a couple purple streaks in it.
The other with a natural reddish hair and a black flower pinned in it.
Their backpacks were equally cool.

Puzzle boxes!
There was a store of puzzles.
Every box had a great picture on it, but the crayons were my fave.
Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because of the rainbow of colors. Maybe the thought of crayons that large seemed appealing... or maybe it was just because these crayons, for a lifetime, have represented a child's creativity... a child's identity. Many times my own creativity and identity.
Those were times when no one had their opinions on what color we choose to color a dog. No one told us how to fill in the color and typically we were praised for what a good job we did.
I love that freedom to create and express without worry or shame.
Yay for the beauty in those little crayons!

This little piggy didn't go to market...
and he didn't stay home...
he didn't have roast beef...
nor did he have none.
This little piggy didn't even go "wee wee wee all the way home".
THIS little piggy rolled around laughing hysterically and eventually drove us all nuts!
Bradey loved holding it because it would roll in his hands.
This little pig had a grown man's laugh.
I'm so glad Bradey didn't have a desire to buy him, however...
he was kinda cute.
I came across this journal several months ago.
I, personally, think it's beautiful.
I thought about all the great things I could write about, that in my eyes, have been romantic over the years with my husband. The neat things he does for me and our family.
His way of showing me his love.
I have enough journals for now, so this will have to wait. Hopefully when I'm ready, it will still be around.

Now for the monkeys!
These guys are one of my faves because of the memories.
I had a best friend in my very early childhood who had a couple of these.
We played with them a lot so now every time I see one, it reminds me of her.
I love the new colors that they've given them, although I will always love the original look.
They had all sizes so I couldn't help but take a bunch of pics.
Hanging in a bunch...

The hot tubbing look...

Chilling in a box...

So cute!!!

Needless to say, Bradey never did find anything to spend his tooth fairy money on.

However, we stayed warm and had a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy your day!


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