Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little of this

Sanding the gym today.

Class was, well... releasing.

Low back and right knee were needing some extra work, so I gave them some good focus.

Kids are saying cute things, like...

"Raise your hands. Ok, now how many people don't want me to go to school? Yay... Everyone!"


"Weather men aren't always right. So I think I should wear shorts to school today."


"I'm a slappy little dude man!!!"

Each babe making me laugh & giving me lots to love.

Waiting for my Diatomaceous earth to arrive.

Studying. (IART)

Reconnected with an old friend. This makes me happy.

Tonight someone is going to try to sell us on another multi-level.

We'll listen... weight it out... and decide.

Hopefully there will be time for some prayer and meditation.

A much needed soul food at this time.

Regrouping and organizing my thoughts and priorities.

Wish me luck.


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