Wednesday, April 21, 2010

...and a little of that.

These two love messing with each other.
They also love loving each other.
One minute reading and playing together...
the next minute teasing and wrestling each other.
It can be hilarious, but sometimes sour, at which time momma bear steps in.

It was a pleasant multi-level meeting.
Turns out it was FHTM.
Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing
(I don't have a link for it because there has to be a password to get in, but there are websites and videos talking about it.)
Frank and I already found out that we aren't good at these kinds of things.
We aren't sales men.
There are lots of good products that come in these ML businesses.
This one wasn't a particular product.
It appeals to the every day consumer who shops at every day stores.
Although we won't be doing this, you might check it out.
It might be for you.

Worked with my free weights today.
I love free weights.
Always have.
Trying to plan a longer term exercise & clean eating program for myself.
Just in creating stage, so we'll see how it goes.
I was able to sort my daily schedule into a more basic structure.
I had to think about my priorities.
#1: My kids
Before and after school is protected time to be with them.
If there's something I can't do with them, then I do it during school.
Blogging (they are fixing things with daddy right now)
Social (depending on what type... ex. phone visit, computer messages, etc.)
It helped to take the time to think on it. I tend to get too much on my plate and then struggle to carry it.

I'm still trying to get this blog refined. Chose my designer, but it will take a while to make some other decisions so I have to put that on hold till I figure more out.

I believe the most important part of goal setting and accomplishing anything is the meditative creating part. Dreaming, wishing and hoping as we used to say with my friends.
I love to dream.
I just wish that things could get done as fast as I dream them.
Don't we all though?


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