Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slowing Down

Just when you get that "Full Steam Ahead" built up and ready to blow,

everything stops.

A brick wall leaves you standing there unable to move.

"What just happened?"

You were ready.

You had everything lined out and you knew what you needed to do...

when all of the sudden it was clear,

it wasn't going to work.

Up comes thoughts and feelings that you had no idea were in there.


It's time to face what you've been trying to avoid.

The truth.

Time to step back and quit pushing on life.

Time to breathe,



Time to allow what's been stuck deep down to flow out, so you can allow what the world

has in store for you to flow in.

Then you can be.

Then your doing will be from your heart and spirit,

and not from outside pressure that life and others have put on you.

So take a step back, and breathe.






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