Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just in Case

We are trying out a new product.

Loved the first can of it.

Wanted to share.

If it's interesting enough, read the "The Ultimate Story" here on this website.

The Ultimate Meal

I'm enjoying having my sisters in town. - 3 out of the 5 at least.

Looking forward to tomorrow's class.

Releasing through asanas is a great way to start the weekend.

I can feel the ladies tension from the week melt away by the end of class.

I myself will love the release. I've been practicing more lately due to tight muscles.

There are some things I am excited to share. Hopefully I will get some down time soon to write about it.

Lots to learn and lots to practice.

Have a wonderful day!


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Anonymous said...

I loved your post of taking your family out to dinner and the streaker etc...that is my daily life in a nutshell. Raising 4 boys esp. during the winters here in OR can be a challenge! They have SO much energy that by 6pm I look like a walking zombie! But I watched an amazing movie last night w/ Clive Owens (yum) and it put it all back into perspective for me! (It's called 'The Boys Are Back')These guys just grow up way too fast and sometimes I've just gotta roll my eyes and let them be boys! Thanks again for keeping a GREAT blog! -Aloha, Kristen