Saturday, February 27, 2010

Birthday wishes

It is a Happy Birthday weekend.
First of all, Happy Birthday to my cousin Julia.

Julia celebrated yesterday and it sounded like she had a great day. We are the same age and spent our childhood as best friends. Picking up again after my time gone, we are getting reacquainted and relating on a new level. Julia is a nurturer at heart. She loves to love. Glad you had a good day yesterday cous! Love you!

Happy Birthday Richard!
This is Ashley's handsome hubby... Uncle Bear.
No, he doesn't normally wear nail polish, but Carli got a hold of him and this is just what happens. I don't have any normal pics of him because in almost all of them, there are kids climbing all over this man. My kids love him. He gives them fun attention. Richard is a great guy with a big heart. He likes to give. He has seen Ashley through a lot when I wasn't there for her and I love him for that.
Love you Uncle Bear!

Happy Birthday Moko!!!!
This is my nephew Matthew Jr. He is SEVEN today!

He likes to pose for pictures. In fact, he tells me how the picture should go and I get the shot.
He is a spunky little guy with a mean kick.
Talk about a whirlwind.
Yet sooo lovable.
This is his mommy and I smooching on him.
I've got some squirrelly sticks to show him next time he comes.
Sticks are fun.
Moko has been traveling the US with his family since November.
They have a great blog to follow the adventures.

Being my older brother's child... Moko has more in him then your average seven year old.
He can dance, he can climb, he can run (among many other things) and he can do Tae Kwan Do with the best of them.

He tied himself up with string, then requested a pic of him trying to break away from a capture.
I love you my Moko!!!
Auntie Coco

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Happy Birthday everyone! Wish we could all have one big party together! :)