Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a monday alright...

It's definitely monday. I woke up today thinking that maybe it was going to be a relaxing day. Not even close. After getting the big kids off to school I realize... I'm out of coffee. Bah! That's only for starters. I open the fridge to find that someone didn't get the caramel bottle closed and it tipped... sigh, sticky caramel all over the top shelf of the fridge. The pantry is in need of a "dejunking" and the laundry is waiting with my name on it. It's my workout day and I'm hoping to get a run in. When I sit down to check emails, I have a message that one of my beloved relatives has a grandbaby in the hospital... and it doesn't look good. Life is precious. Then my three year old comes to me with puppy eyes asking for a game on the train tracks. Grocery shopping, water the plants, plan tomorrows class, return the videos, take out the garbage... then there will be homework and dinner to make not to mention planning my son's birthday and getting gifts for the four birthdays (all relatives) this week. I seriously wish there was something more in depth and uplifting to write about, but such is life.
#1 Goal today: Invite one person to tomorrow's class.
Today's song: The Downeaster "Alexa" -Billy Joel-

Have a good one!

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