Monday, February 15, 2010


A new found friend asked me how to meditate. (Thank you Suzanne!) It's a great subject that so many people either don't know much about or struggle to practice. Being a big subject, it seems good to hit this one head on yet as simply as possible.

There are many different forms of meditation. Lots of books written that could help you find the type that works best.

My favorite is prayer meditation. This form works best for me to be able to open my crown chakra and receive inspiration needed. I've worked with it for years and have been given beautiful and "to the point" messages. I don't seek things in my meditation that are unnecessary or destructive in any way. I say this because meditation is a powerful principle and I have talked with people who have been in error in their intentions and it only produced painful results. Be wise.

1. All you need is a good, quiet place, your journal, a pen... and you. Where you meditate is important. It needs to be a place that won't distract your mind. Somewhere peaceful to the eyes and ears. If it's warm outside, nature can be the best place as it naturally makes us feel closer to God. Bring something to write on, and write with.

2. Before you begin, write down your intention with the specific meditation. Something you are thinking about, a problem you are trying to solve, an emotion you want to resolve or express, a principle you wish to understand better, etc..

These are very basic examples. Be specific. Be genuine.

3. Find a comfortable seated position on the ground, or in a chair... (preferably a harder chair that you can sit upright and will support a straight back). Place your paper with the written intention in front of you or in your lap. Read it.

4. Close your eyes and start by letting God know of your thankful heart... the things that you recognize God has done for you, or given you that have blessed your life. Then bring your written intention to your mind, and before God. Ask for what it is you are wanting to come from this meditation.

5. Now just allow that subject to be the only thing in your mind. Don't try too hard, but just let it be there... listen. If any chatter or static comes into your mind, look at the written intention and bring it back to the forefront of your thinking. Keep thinking on this written intention until what you are needing comes to you... then write down any new thoughts coming. Don't forget to thank God for the inspiration. You have had a successful meditation!

If nothing comes in your meditation, don't be discouraged. Just try again later and keep on till you do. If you can only do it for a short amount of time, don't worry... you'll be able to go longer as you work at it.

Remember that meditation is like anything you have ever done... it takes practice. It takes discipline which is a gradual process. The more you do it, the better you will get. As you do it, you will be able to take the things that come, and increase your life.

If prayer meditation doesn't seem to be working for you, then follow the same steps... without the written intention. Keep your mind free of ALL things. Imagine that you are opening your mind for inspiration to enter. Keep all chatter out and focus on just being. This takes practice also.

I have seen that it can be easier for "B" type personalities to get into the meditation groove. They come out with sensitive yet creative inspiration. "A" type personalities typically have to work a little harder at it because they can be so busy in mind and body. It's hard for them to slow down and just listen... just "BE". However, as they practice, it creates a beautiful balance to their typical push in life.

Happy Meditating!


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