Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Stuff Yourself!

Don't know what it is about these past couple of days.... but, all I want to do is eat! What's worse, is I'm only craving CARBS! UGH!!! Last month I did an organic cleanse and polished my eating and I couldn't believe how different I felt. Physically energetic with a great vibe in my veins, mentally I gained a greater understanding of nutrition and knew that it finally stuck. High nutrition is very important to me, but...
... this craving is unmanageable today!

I do have a tendency to cut out even the whole grains when I step up my meal plans, so it could be possible that my body is craving what it's not getting enough of... or I might be feeling a little extra stress, frustration and worry that could be causing the rebellion. Maybe it's just the lack of veggies and fruit in my fridge right now because I haven't made this week's shopping trip yet... except... there is enough to work with. Hopefully soon, this craving will subside and I can go back to feeling satisfied with my upgraded meal plan. Eating healthy is a learning experience and I feel an important investment in my future.
Come back tomorrow because it's going to be an important day with lots of love put into my post!


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Mandy said...

Hey Courtney! I agree, I always eat crappy when I don't have healthy readily available. Planning is the key:) I just started a juice fast (check out my blog) and am hoping to get some more energy!

I went to the Stakers blog and was enthralled by their amazing journey. Am now praying for little Bronson's fast recovery as well as the rest of the family.