Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bennys, Butterflies and Blogs

Twas a good day today.
Got a lot done.
This is me muli-tasking.... eating lunch, taking phone calls, responding to emails, sipping latte, researching my camera, and hanging with my boy. (He asked me to watch Scooby Doo with him.)
It only lasted a bit till big kids got home from school.

Saw this today.
I love blue butterflies.
It looks like I am in worship, but I'm not. I would worship the one who makes blue butterflies.

The last few days, I have been thinking about blogging my past. It's a doozy. I feel like I am at this cross road...
...but I'm not for sure if I cross the tracks that the train won't smash me at some point. I feel I could cross with caution, but there are so many factors to take into account.
So I'll just park myself here... before the crossing, and wait to see if, and how, I can do this without having to get hit. The hard thing is that... It's My past. My history.
So someday hopefully.

Big brother found these funny looking plants today and wanted to get a closer look.
So we pulled over and captured the moment. Glad I did. He is such a sweetie!

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