Monday, February 1, 2010

What are the chances?

The colorful sign at the espresso stand.
After I posted this morning's post I couldn't believe what happened next. Remember my beloved relative that has a grandbaby in the hospital? Well, that baby almost drowned in the bathtub yesterday... He is only 1 year old and they were able to find a little life in him. I don't know how bad it is, or if he will make it, but it is beyond comprehension... as a mother. So there I was... wishing I could do something... but there was nothing except go on with that busy mundane day I wrote about. I decided to click "next blog" to see what might pop up and couldn't believe what I was reading... a beautiful, heart wrenching story of a young mother who lost her little one year old boy in a drowning 2 years ago. Seriously! What are the chances?
After reading about it, I had to consider what to do with it all. This just doesn't happen... and what opportunities could come from it? I didn't feel it would be best to just leave it... so I went to a link that the mother had mentioned in her blog and left a message connecting the two mothers together. Oh how I pray it will work out and that maybe there could be comfort for both of them. They are the same religion, so that was an added reason to connect them. So how is this all to be taken? A chance thing? Godly orchestration? All I know is that as I was typing the message, I had to hold back the tears at what was taking place. There are all kinds of possible outcomes, and what happens in the end, most likely... I will never know.

My big boy running through the school yard today.

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