Saturday, February 6, 2010

Picture Jamboree

Over the past few days... I learned something new.
Webcam pics.
Never tried it before because I have a decent camera that does all the picture taking.
It turned out to be more fun for the kids than anything and because they get tired of me taking pictures, I decided to take all the webpics they wanted. Here's a few.

The first day, I was trying to see how this worked. My little guy made more faces then I thought he would. This one is my favorite.
I decided to show big sis to see what she would do, and of course out came some funny ones.
Then today happened. The beauty of it was... they all had props. I just told them to come look at the computer with me and this is how they came.
We were trying to get little brother to open his mouth, cause when he does, it's monumental. Of course, I end up the only one with an open mouth and we never do get the good shot of his "almost flip top lid".

For some reason big brother always ends up unable to be seen in the pics. Maybe I should keep him a mystery for fun. His new Darth Vader outfit was hilarious, but even more funny, his choice of weapon is a red foam bat instead of one of the multiple Light Sabers he usually carries around.

I was able to get my beautiful hubby in one shot. He is rarely in family photos. He says he doesn't know how to smile for pictures.... I guess we will just have to practice.

This is our little buddy. He requested to take some pictures with me and once he got going, he didn't want to stop. I tried to get Vader in there instead of me after the first couple, but he refused, however you will see his scary black glove in all the shots of our little friend.
One of these days, his mouth will be bigger than mine.
He said he wanted a nose picking shot. That's funny... he requests these almost every time we have taken goofy pictures with him. There's that dark lord hand.
By the time we were done, I felt frazzled and oh so done with taking pics.

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