Thursday, February 11, 2010

Taking my emotions to the "MAT"

Today I hit the point where I needed an extra good stretch to loosen up from the past week.
My emotions were tying my muscles up in knots.
Here are the top six poses from my practice.
The poses that felt best.

This one would have felt fine without bending backwards, but I was taking each pose as far as I could. I allowed my emotions to tell me where to go and how far to push... yet I was aware enough to not overdo it.


With wheel, I love to start in Downward Facing Dog and roll till I am grounded here. The stretch during the roll hit the spot!

Because this is a deeper stretch I could feel it tapping through my frustrations. It released the "Grrrrr!" I was feeling.

This was my top twist. "Turn, turn, turn!"


Afterwards... I felt great.
Yes, I still have to deal with the struggles that have caused my bundle of emotions, but with the physical pain gone... I feel like I can handle it.



Mandy said...

Great Post! I nominated you for an award on my blog! Namaste, Mandy

Courtney said...

Thank you Mandy!