Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahh the Breath of Words...

Listening to this song this morning.

A song I love.

When I checked the words... I fell in love with them all over again.

By: Christopher Cross -


It's a calm wind blowing on my skin,

And I've been dreaming again.

Now that we're all here,

We can share these notes and all this madness.

We can talk of innocence,

And of all the things we believe in.

Is it an alibi?

Is it the reason why?

Is it the way we really feel inside?

Set it free.

The magic of those nights brings me closer to that light,

That helps me see the path ahead of me.

I can feel that something.

A hint of mystery.

A trace of dare.

To live the truth I hide somewhere.


In a place I've known before.

Will I find me behind that final door?

I can hear the footsteps of the past.

I can feel the thunder and it's coming fast.

I'm gonna spend some time with the moon.

Pour myself a glass of midnight.

Keep myself in tune.

Is it an alibi?

Is it the tears I cry?

Is it the way I see it through your eyes?

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