Tuesday, February 1, 2011


MomBomb: Noun; The substantial mass of persuasiveness descended on a teenager when a loving mother is exploding with passion about a subject she is, well... passionate about.

Passionate: Noun; ardor, enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal, zealousness, vigor, FIRE, FIERINESS, energy, fervency, animation, SPIRIT, SPIRITEDNESS

I dropped the MomBomb on a teenage client today after her mother asked me to speak with her teen about the subject of underage drinking. This is a teenager that I have been mentoring for the past three years so it was a proper request. It seemed to work and besides all the facts, statistics and stories of experience, the best part was opening up that line of communication. That line where on her end, she will speak into it any time she has the desire to drink or spend time with other underage drinkers, and on my end, I will listen, understand and lovingly ask the questions she needs to consider. I will make sure she knows she can... "Come hang with me." Every teenager is worthy of a MomBomb starting and ending with, "I'm teaching you this because... I love you."

Lights out.

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Ty and Juju Brown said...

Good Job! I love Mombombs! Great word! I will add it to my vocabulary immediately!!