Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breath and Space

When I asked my five year old what he wanted for breakfast this morning, he responded confidently, "Cuddle time". So that's what I fed him... lots and lots of cuddles.

In yesterdays class we talked about the concept of, birth in connection to yoga. It was a cool thought that I came across in my studies and wanted to explore it a bit. The first two things every human being experiences at birth is breath and space which are the two things we work with in the practice of yoga asanas (poses). As I moved my body through my breath, I was surprised that my mind didn't stay on our experience in those first moments of life. Instead it brought me to the "here and now", and followed my movement and breath giving me a deeper awareness of the beauty of breath, space, and my ability and freedom, to move through that space. (I hope that makes sense.) When we are weighed down emotionally or physically, our breath and movement in space suffer. We feel no freedom, meaning, or joy, in the true beauty of breathing or moving our limbs freely through space. It's equal to the beauty of a beating heart and should be felt deeply and soulfully. I invite you to take some time to just think about it... and see where it takes you.


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