Friday, April 8, 2011

It's you and me kiddo

My quiet blog has turned all but silent due to the stress, that won't allow me to quiet myself enough to write for a moment.

Wrestling practices are over and my little bear boy received his first trophy ever. The excitement of having something to show for all his hard work, made all those grueling practices well worth it for him.

My teenager got "Student of the Month" and is planning her next four years of high school and already thinking on to college. I'm not sure her dad and I will ever get used to her being "grown up".

Preparing the littlest of the gang for kindergarten, once would have been a joy, but watching them grow so fast it has become a bit of a bitter/sweet experience. I want to hold them all close, especially as I watch the world change at what feels like hyper-speed.

I'm teaching more classes and taking continuing ed classes which makes more of a strain on the day to day life. What an oxymoron. Stressed out Yoga Instructor. Frank keeps saying, "Put the heels of your feet in the small of your back... and breathe." A joke we have occasionally repeated since the start of my yoga schooling. I went to a chiropractor today who is going to work with me to de-stress and customize my diet. It was obvious that stress is the major factor to a few health issues I've had over the past 8 years. I'm hoping that over the next 60 days, I will be able to turn around my physical and emotional state. Should be good and I'm excited about it. As for the moment, I'm going to go squeeze my kiddos and enjoy a beautiful evening.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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