Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring Break 2012

We had a wonderful spring break this year. Spent time in Poulsbo WA on the bay, exploring Seattle more, hanging out in Bellavue and lounging at home. Here are some pics we got.

Collecting Sea Shells and digging for clams.

The ferry to Seattle. The wind was trying to throw us overboard. My hair as always making a scene.

The kids having seen the Space Needle before, but got to go to the top for the first time. 

Windy at the top as usual.

Lounging with my man.

Played at the museum. Started with the dung. Ha! 

Loved the butterfly room. Healthy little buggers.

Now he's ready to rule the world.

These two could have sat in this craft and forgot the rest of the museum. 
post signatureThe rain poured in Seattle and at home for days before and after our trip. The only sunny days were while we were having fun. Thank you Mother Nature!
We hope everyone had a wonderful spring break as well and now we are looking forward to summer activities and trips!

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