Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 2012 update

(This is NOT a picture I took myself, but had I seen a dog doing this, I would have gladly taken a hundred pictures... and posted them all!)

So life is just moving right along these days. The busy-ness of it all is somewhat crazy, but until we get a regular, steady flow going with our business, that's just the way it's gonna be. A couple days ago I was wondering if I am valid in my feelings and expression to others about current times being almost over-the-top busy and according to my inventory... I think I am. I have been over and over apologizing to people for the fact that I can't add more to my social schedule. I have to say "no" and as far as me reaching out, it has been rare. My guilt gets to me almost daily, but then I remind myself that my priorities just take a lot of time and effort, and I feel that there will be a day when I'll be able to slow down and let all my ground work carry me so I can add more social time to life.
I do see progress being made so that helps. Some days I feel like giving up till I remember that there is purpose in what I am trying to accomplish. Also, I want to give something to this life. I want to create change and that's something that takes work. A lot of hard work. So priority #1 is making sure that I'm staying in touch with my source of inspiration so that I can best take care of my other priorities. Taking time out for me is very hard and there is improvement to be made in this area. We all know that taking care of ourselves takes a certain amount of time.
Priority #2 is my family. Thankfully the Mr. and I work pretty good together when it comes to supporting each other in our jobs and with the children. Supporting our children is the bigger job. High school studies and drama. Weekly scouting events. Tri-weekly basketball. "Did you take your vitamins?" Lots of driving. One on one time. Teaching life lessons. Setting goals. "No you can't have $400.00 to buy that toy." Check ups. Lots of hugs and kisses. Meltdowns and pickups. Haircuts. Baths. Laundry. Etc. etc. etc. (If you're a parent, you know.)
Priority #3 is business because it provides for my family and is an expression of who I am individually. Hours of the actual services I provide. Time for research of the four services. I hate marketing. (Ugh!) Phone calls. Bookwork. Lots of kinks to get out. Always feeling like I can be more efficient. When's vacation???
I miss my siblings. Pass the chocolate.

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