Monday, June 14, 2010

Wednesdays at Gary's

This post is to show my brothers what we do (or try to do if health and weather are willing) on wednesdays.
Lunch with Gary at his business barbeque.
Good food. Gary's stories. Nice staff. Good times.

The boys like to look at the Macaw who dances and talks.

It was a rainy day so the boys got into some puddle jumping.
They giggled for around 40 minutes and were soaked by the time we left.

On sunny days this is where the barbeque is held. It's a gorgeous courtyard that makes you feel like your in AZ.
They were pretending to be birds in a bird cage. Most of the time spent in the cage was spent discussing exactly how birds look and act so they could do it right.
I hope it's a good monday!

Shout out to my Carli. Happy 7th grade graduation. You handled the year like a pro!
We are so proud of you!
Love mom and dad... and Asha Brenner.

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... said...

Gary's looks like quite the place for little boys who like to pretend their birds. I think I'll bring Eli up to see if he likes it to. ; )!

Happy 7th grade graduation to Carli! You have an 8th grader coming up Coco??? Wow... that is impressive!