Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Will to have "Will"

I always love the little messages I get, and this one I particularly liked because it's an "invite".

For some years now there has been a tender recognition of our ability to survive this amazing human experience, and today after working with an incredible survivor, I am all the more AMAZED. One of the fulfilling aspects of my career is that people are comfortable to open up about their challenges, hurts, sorrows and beliefs that others struggle with or choose to not understand. The incredible suffering that a child experiences and somehow has the tenacity to endure is mind blowing to me. I'm sure the stories in this world go so far beyond my comprehension and I truly believe that I could not endure what many have. For those survivors, I wish I could wrap a blanket of warm love around them and give them a sweet kiss of compassion to possibly, even slightly, plant or nurture a seed of self worth.

I am in wonderment that my life has brought me to this place of offering tools to the worn, heart-broken, shattered and sometimes even buried souls. At times it's as though we are moving the dirt, and brushing them off. Some just need a little sprinkle of truth to create a sparkle. Others it can be hard work, chipping away until finally they see some light. The thoughts and ideas start coming in and the molding begins. They start to reshape their lives and over a period of time, I watch a transformation. It is truly a pure joy!

Keep taking steps. Seasons come and seasons go, and the deeper we reflect on our current moment, the better of an outcome we have for that season. Every season provides opportunity for growth and change. Some choose to stay and hang on to the pain and don't recognize the end of one and beginning of another... so it continues to be an endless season, and we all know that extra long winters are no fun. Plant, actively nurture, and grow. Your personal harvest will be full of beauty and wisdom beyond your expectation... I promise!

With Love,


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