Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July weekend

The most interesting game of "Clue" you will ever play. Five year olds play by their rules.
Stealing a kiss... sometimes that's the only way I can get one.
Man and his best friend.
We played hard and celebrated mom's birthday.
Then the 4th of July celebration started with water slides with the Allen family.
I love how big sis watches out for the boys. Once Bear started down that slide there was no breaks for the rest of the day. I'd say he climbed those steps a hundred times. (Exaggerated, but that's what it felt like.)
Following this guy everywhere was a job. He was so tuckered that he fell asleep as we left the parking lot. Too much fun!
Hiking was next. The main hike was too long and steep for Luke so him and I stayed on the main paths. Wish I had pics of the view from the top. Next time.

Celebrated Sis's b-day. It was a perfect day.

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Ty and Juju Brown said...

What a fun 4th of July! Miss you all!