Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We spent this past weekend in Seattle. It's been 15 years since I've last been there, so three kids and a lifetime later it was a fun new experience.

The kids were getting over a cold so they were a bit low on energy, but they took it all in just the same. Frank loves taking pictures of the scenery, so while on the ferry he got a shot with each of the kiddos.

We had a great time with Frank's brother Rich and his beautiful wife, Tasha.
The camera refused to flash here for a cute shot of Carli and Tasha.

The Christmas bouquets were a stunning brilliance!

Frank let me have some fun with this little establishment.

Have a wonderful week!

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... said...

How fun!! Those are all good pictures of the kids that Frank took on the Ferry... I like your pics of Frankfurter's too!

I've been to Seattle once with my dad when I was 16 or so. IT was a blast and I'd love to go back!

Hope you all are well and have a Merry Christmas!! xoxo.