Thursday, October 21, 2010

One of those days

The skies are blue today.

The maple trees out my window are billowing with the vibrant colors of fall.

After a busy few months, we are hoping to get some quiet family time in.

I feel somber today.

Heavy with issues.

Life, relations, the world, our country.

Irresponsible choices to get self gain that only lead to destruction of whatever degree.

Thankful for the powerful efforts to build up in spite of all the hardship.

Some days I wish everyone had the self control to do the kind thing...

even when they are full of hate, anger, judgement or ego.

Many days I wish I was better at moving forward to make a difference.

I see people who do and I crave it.

Change and movement are hard for me.

It always takes me more time than I would like.

I see it better than I do it... every time.

I'm very proud of those in my life that are little by little climbing their life ladder.

Those who are fighting their demons and winning the war, only to leave those long time and useless demons in the wake of a new, much happier life.

It's the moments when a person takes the step when everything in them doesn't want to, that makes for the most inspirational moment. (A note to self.)

I hope you are having a fabulously bright, inspirational, elevated week!

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Ty and Juju Brown said...

Life is wonderful and if there are ever any doubts, all anyone has to do is look outside on a fall day. Love ya,