Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching Up

It's hard to just "start in" when so much has happened in the past month... so here is a little update on where things are at right now.
My kids are halfway through their first year of public school. (We home schooled up to the start of this year.) We are getting a feel for what it's like out there. Challenging so far, but we are grateful for the good coming from it.
Frank, my husband, is doing massage therapy at a physical therapist clinic and it's going well so far...
My little Viking Warrior hiding from me today.
Today at the magazine exchange, I got 4 National Geographic "Travelers".

I've been having less yoga classes, but got some new students which always excites me. Obviously... my little studio needs to be re-decorated, so Ashley came over and we talked about "what's to do". I am NOT an interior decorator... so this will be a good challenge.
My mind, however, has been constantly preoccupied with concern for my younger brother. (I'd say "little brother", but he is a whole head taller than me.) Two days after this past Christmas he, his wife and 5 month old baby were hit head on... by a drunk driver. I'm sure this will carry into my future blogs, but we will leave it there for starters...

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